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As an engineer for nearly 20 years, I come from a background where the digital world of professional recording was just a concept far from becoming a reality. Pro Tools was just a simple VERY slow editing tool and nobody wanted to use it because it took so long to get things done. Analog recording to 2 inch tape was God. As we all know, the digital world has made some amazing progress and has since become the new industry standard for professional recording. Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic and other DAW’s have made the world of recording efficient, affordable and almost mindless. Engineers from my generation were forced to roll with these groundbreaking changes. Analog quickly was pushed aside by the digital giants and has resulted in the liquidation of true historical recording techniques.

It wasn’t until recently that artists were being exposed to why there has been such a debate over analog versus digital. These “new school” digital engineers and the “old school” analog cats would argue back and forth until they were blue in the face. And they will continue to debate until a undeniable change was presented to both parties in a non-biased environment.

Well my friends, I believe that day has finally come. With the incredible design and conception from the mind of Chris Estes and Endless Analog, they have created a “magic box” that will forever change the world of professional recording.

“Seeing is believing”, some might say. But, “feeling” with your ears is undeniable and it has the power to expand the minds of artists, producers, engineers and the listener alike. This amazing piece of gear is starting to gain traction within the industry and it won’t be long until it explodes on the market. May I present to you, The CLASP from Endless Analog. Go ahead and take a tour of the website and see what this is all about. It is full of confusing details and complex mechanics. But the truth is, all you need to know is it works and it works very well.

I am excited on a personal level to see this art form make its way back into the recording industry. And with it will come new amazing recordings that allow the craft of songwriting, recording techniques and truth prevail.

Thank you for taking the time to read this humble blog. I am a recording engineer / producer, bass player and songwriter. To find out more about me, go to Sheckybass.com and check out the details.  Feel free to leave some comments and share this article.

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