About Shecky

Shecky is more than just an average bass player. He is one that likes to take the traditional sound of a bass and make it his own. Equipped with a full arsenal of tonal tools, Shecky stretches the boundaries of modern groove.With incredible dynamic control, he can make an average song come to life with slap, pop, tap and strumming techniques. Being constricted to one genre has never been a stigma of Shecky. In his music, you will hear everything from funk, metal, hip-hop, jazz and more. Shecky has accomplished much success on the stage as well as in the studio. Adding a solid foundation for many different bands is what he does best. Shecky is constantly writing new music and experimenting with many different types of cross-genre songs. As an experienced producer and engineer, he will ensure the best possible production with a vast range in recording techniques. Look for Shecky to rise above the rest and present a musical masterpiece that will stand on its own throughout the test of time. With tons of songs and licensing opportunities under his belt, the library of Shecky will continue to grow and it just keeps getting better. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and many other websites to stay up to date with his news and current projects.




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